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Human and authentic are the words I would use to describe this townhall discussion on revenue. Big congrats to Peter G. Chun, who literally had to excuse himself and rush to the hospital. You'll be happy to know that 90 minutes later mom and baby Noah were safe and well.

Thanks to all who attended the live townhall and for the awesome sales leaders that joined me Peter G. Chun Matt Kennedy Gabe Villamizar Lanette Richardson ✪Lacey Bell Muhlestein Josh Cohen

Here are some of my takeaways:

1. Be intentional with your pipeline efforts

2. Any kind of outbound prospecting efforts will be harder than pre-COVID but will yield results

3. Plan 2 hours a day. Or more. 1 hour or more for research, LinkedIn, email. And 1 hour for pure dialing.

4. Customize your message with a new ICP in mind

5. Be creative. Don't just sit back and wait for things to happen.

6. Go where you can win. Be creative.

7. Revisit your Customer Profiles. Find new conversations to have and start having them.

8. Revisit your buyer's journey and make sure your interactions make sense and are still relevant.